TBAG - Hip bag (3.8 liters) - The bigger bag : ideal for diving and clean ups

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The TRSHBG TBAG is perfect for diving sessions, clean ups, and all kind of outdoor activities. Pick up trash and keep your hands free !


New features in TRSHBG TBAG 

- Leg buckle for quick mount and quick release

- Velcro lock at leg belt for extra hold

- 3.8 liters volume

- Wave safe : keep trash inside the bag

- Extra leg padding and waist padding for extra comfort and non-slip

- Quick dry material

- Symmetrical design for left and right leg

- Tested in waves up to 6 feet


How to use your TRSHBG TBAG

Wear on dominant hand, on the side of your leg or more to your back. The buckle should be slightly below your hip bone.


For divers: wear the bag below your weight belt. The weight belt should be above and on top of the bag.


Adjust to fit using adjuster. Make it tight, so the bag doesn’t move around. Leg strap, not too tight, leave a finger of room for bending space. Leg strap must go through Velcro lock, for stability in surf and dives

Put trash through the sleeve, make sure the zipper is closed through the velcro lock.

Empty on shore through zipper in an appropriate trash place.

Be careful with sharp and heavy objects.


As a product mostly made of waste, inner tubes and old banners, every piece is unique : We can not promise any graphic patterns.

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"My family was impressed how it is attached to the body and that it is very well made out of recycled materials. We use it for surf and dive and everything." - Brad Moreland, Eco enterpreneur and user of 4 Tbags - Canggu, Bali


“Your bag works very well!! I was impressed how easy it was to use. I really love the design.” - Kai Schmidt, coral transplantation diver - Nusa Dua Reef Foundation

“It is a great product, everybody should have one.” - Pete McNic, Surfer

"The bag works like a dream I even used it to put my reef hook inside"- Branden Hallick, Dive instructor