Every surfer and diver an ocean cleaner

Every surfer and diver can be an ocean cleaner. You can simply wear a comfortable bag during the activity and collect plastic, whenever you happen to encounter it. Hope you join us!

My name is Trieu and I have developed a wearable trash bag for surfers and divers. It comes in 2 types and all are 80% made of recycled materials. We use old banners and inner tubes. We are shipping worldwide and you can order your trshbg here on this site! We have special local prices for Indonesia. Shipping in Indonesia is free!


We have hip bags and calf bags. You can wear them every surf and every dive. Help us to create a permanent clean up and join our little revolution that started in May 2018 in Bali. Become an ocean cleaner!

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trshbg.com and Tbag are projects of my own little business Trieu etc, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. :-)

For comfortable surfing and diving

The bags have all sorts of features for extra comfort. It is no pain at all while you can still catch your waves or do your dive as usual and keep your hands free. We have a hip bag "Regular Tbag" and a "Techbag" for the lower leg. The techbag is perfect for everyday, every dive, every surf. Even medium to bigger waves.

A sock funnel makes it easy to put trash in the bag and makes it impossible for trash to get washed out by the waves. We call it the Wave Safe, our patented design. Your hand doesn't need to fit, just the trash will fit.

Once on shore, a zipper on the side makes it easy to empty the bag. 

The bags are designed symmetrically for both legs. Wear it on your dominant hand. Or wear 2 for bad trash days.

Our bags are more streamlined than hand held mesh bags. Additionally, you won't damage any coral, because nothing is dragged along. All made of simple and good recycled materials like banners and old tubes.

We aim for the bags to become as default as a leash when you go surfing and as default as a mask when you go diving. You never know when you encounter trash! Where is your trshbg? Every diver and surfer an ocean cleaner.


"The bag works like a dream! I even used it to put my reef hook inside"- Branden Hallick, Dive instructor, Trash hero founder, Sanur, Bali

How it all started

Balangan, Bali, Dec 2017

It was an ordinary day in Dec 2017. It had been raining in rainy season. I arrived at my favourite beach and I saw something huge floating by. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a trash island, the size of half a football field. It is not every day like this, but on some days per year. I


Surfers are still surfing quite near it and the trash is spreading. It caught me and I wanted to do something. After a few months, I came up with an idea. Why don't we surfers go and get the spreading trash. I went to my bag making friend and we produced the first prototype of the trashbag for surfers. That was May 2018. The rest happened quickly after that. Trshbg is a Balangan-Amsterdam-Biarritz project.

Locally made with love

My bag making friend Fauzi, makes the bags based on my designs. We do it together. Fauzi is a craftsman. Bags are handmade. I make sure he gets a good price for his amazing skills. We have increased production together, step by step, from 5 bags per week up to 10, 20, 25, 75, 100, 150 etc.. Fauzi involves his family and friends who didn't have jobs. Now they do!

After trying many different shapes and materials, we have managed to make one that is 80% made of re-used materials. We make them from old banners (plenty in Bali!!) and old inner tubes from scooters (plenty in Bali too). 

It is so funny when we collect trash and pay for people's waste. The people laugh because we pay for their trash, I laugh because I can make more bags to clean the ocean. Let's all keep laughing. :)

"My family was impressed how it is attached to the body and that it is very well made out of recycled materials. We use it for surf and dive and everything." - 

Brad Moreland, Eco enterpreneur and user of 4 Tbags- Canggu, Bali


professional use

We are shipping worldwide, after extensive testing. Surfers Pete and Dedeg were killing it, while wearing their Regular Tbags at Balangan during some high swells.

Trshbg is also used by professional divers worldwide who do coral transplantation. Together with the Nusa Dua Reef Foundation we use 2 trshbgs in dives. While the divers were transplanting coral and clean the coral, their Regular size Tbags were very helpful. Some divers even had 2 Regular Tbags, 1 for tools, one for trash.

“Your bag works very well! I was impressed how easy it was to use. Really love the design.” - Kai Schmidt

Coral transplantation diver-Nusa Dua Reef Foundation

“It is a great product, everybody should have one.” - Pete McNic, Surfer, Bali

10.000 kg per month

Our average users pick up 6-10 kg of trash per month. Every month. This means with 1000 bags, our community is cleaning 10.000 kg per month. That is significant for something that started a few months ago.

But there is much more plastic out there.. And every piece helps. Save this fish, this turtle, this dolphin, this beach today, for now. And if necessary tomorrow again. Yes, we really need every diver and surfer to be an ocean cleaner. There is 7 million divers and 20 million surfers worldwide. Do your math and become an ocean cleaner. :-)

We believe in both cleaning now and today on the spot and to stop new plastics at the source. Let's do everything we can to keep our oceans healthy.

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Join in!

We are shipping bags worldwide! We need buyers,  promotional help, endorsers, ambassadors, investors and sponsors. We also need banners, old or new, and tubes! Please help! Join our little revolution that started in Bali and now will go worldwide!

Please contact us for enquiries or just order your bag online here. Let's clean and keep clean what we love most: those beautiful waves.

Insta: trshbg_tbag 

facebook: trshbg-tbag

#tbag #trashbag #trshbg #1pieceatatime

trshbg.com and Tbag are an initiative of Trieu etc, my own little business in music/design/coaching, based in The Netherlands. Tbag is the product name for now, trshbg.com the url for now, because it is easier to remember than Trieu etc. :-)